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Red Gears Studios was branded by veteran actors, writers, and producers. Its one goal is to create projects that are state-of-the-art, creative, and inspirational. Whether it's a commercial or a feature film, Red Gears Studios will pride itself on completion of products under strict time lines. 

We know that making a film, music video, pilot, commercial, or anything involving video production can be hectic. Don't worry. Let us handle all of that for you. We have over twenty-five years of experience in the film industry alone. Our studio can facilitate whatever you may need to create your brand, product, or talent. 


We specialize in three categories;


1. Pre-Production: The concept of your project is your baby. Let us help you nurse it to full development. Do you need a proposal? A budget break down? Some concept artwork? We can do all that. Are you looking for financing? Let us create a quality proposal that you will be proud to put in front of an investor. We can even pitch your project for you. 

2. Production: It's time to shoot! Action! Do you  need someone for that too? No problem. We are happy to help. If pre-production was done properly, you know what you need, and we can supply that.  With proper resources a production house should be able to supply you with whatever you need. And we are that production house. 

3. Post Production: Great! You finished shooting! Amazing, the jobs almost over...Well, it's never over really. But, now you're in post! Let us help with editing, sound design, title sequences, poster art, convention planning, or anything else you may need. We are here to serve you and we'll be happy to! 

Side note: After post comes distribution, we can help with that too. Show you where to go, who to talk to, what to say. After all, the movies listed below have all been distributed one way or another. 



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